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I am starting to prep for the big Super Bowl Weekend! I have friends coming up from Montana. My best buddy has a large screen TV. My humble offerings will be to bring the food. I am setting my menu and getting the ingredients!

Of course, I will have the usual chips, dips and cheesies out.

I will start with some Shrimp and Buffalo Remoulade because it is premade and can be put out to snack on as people arrive.

I will have some Creole Burnt Ends finished just before the game starts.

At the end of the first quarter, I will make some sliders out of my Montreal Smoked Meat. I will use Beginners Dinner Rolls to make the sliders.

At half time you need something more substantial. I will serve PWE Bratwurst on Cheese Hot Dog Buns.

I will put out bowls of candy and chocolate and a couple of plates of Sugar Cookies to finish the half.

I have to admit I look forward to the food more than the game!

The Old Fat Guy

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2 Responses

  1. I’m in ..I am sure you will knock it out the park … btw .. will start my maple bbb in the am. bought 2 butts, watched your video like 5 times now and wife says use a rubber spatula and get all the cure out of the bowl into the bag .. lol .. email me sometimes and I will send you some pics .. bought a real nice scale that weights grams and also to 11 lbs ..

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