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Grilled New Potatoes1


We dug up our first new potatoes of the year. I love those small fresh spuds! The best way to cook them is to not mess with them too much.

I stabbed them all with a fork, put them in the microwave with 1/2 cup water in a covered casserole and cooked them on high until they were almost cooked. These took about 5 to 6 minutes but you have to keep testing them as microwaves have different power and you will not likely be using exactly the same amount of potatoes. I check them every 2 minutes and test them by stabbing with a fork. When the fork goes in but still has some effort required, I pull them out.

Some will cook faster than others. Avoid fully cooking them. Then I threw them on a grill over high heat, brushed them with butter and turned them regularly until the skin was crispy. It only took a few minutes. Then I shook some steak spice over them.

Grilled New Potatoes

Grilled New Potatoes2

The Verdict: Boy are these good. I got to root around in the dirt to harvest them and then didn’t have to do a lot of fancy preparation. They are just good on their own.

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