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Frozen Mashed Potato Casserole – The Video

I have previously posted my recipe for Frozen Mashed Potato Casserole. I decided it was time to do a video of it as I have a major potato crop this year. Check it out!

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2 Responses

  1. Just got your book and am working through the vast expanse of information and recipes. Couple of comments:
    1. In my opinion, whoever recommended white print on an orange background should be shot at sunrise! Even if it rains! We middle agefolks (I’m 71, that’s middle age isn’t it?) start to have declining vision and reading this is very very difficult.
    2, You ignored those of us who really like Kamado smokers. Why?

    1. Sorry about the colour difficulty. I relied heavily on the publishing experts as I have no design sense!

      As for Kamado smokers, I didn’t and wouldn’t ignore them. I think they are one of the best smokers on the market. If you read the section on bullet smokers, I speak about ceramic smokers and note how well they hold temperature. I list Komado Joe as one of the standards in the field.

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