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Chicken Breast on the Pellet Smoker

Chicken Breast on the Pellet Smoker at

I am still learning how to use my Louisiana Grills pellet smoker and I am having a lot of fun. One of the fellows at Smoking Meat Forums, Goliath, has owned a Louisiana Grills smoker for a while. He told me the grill was amazing at doing skinless boneless chicken breasts. That would be a bonus because they are hard to cook without getting them rubbery. Here is my first attempt.

I wanted to keep it simple when I was trying it for the first time. I rubbed the breasts with Cabelas Chicken Rub and put them on the grill in the smoker which I had preheated to 350 F. I brushed the top with a commercial barbecue sauce.

After 15 minutes, I turned the chicken breasts and brushed them with barbecue sauce.

Chicken Breast on the Pellet Smoker 1

After another 15 minutes I checked to make sure the internal temperature of the chicken was over 165 F. I put them on a serving plate and covered them with foil to rest for 5 minutes.

Chicken Breast on the Pellet Smoker 2

I served them with Oven Fries and Summer Squash with Tomatoes (next post).

Chicken Breast on the Pellet Smoker 4

The Verdict

I must thank Goliath for this. The chicken was moist and wasn’t even rubbery on the surface. This is my new go to method for grilled boneless skinless chicken breasts.

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