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Classic Meat Loaf with Pepper Jelly Glaze – Canadian Beef

Classic Meat Loaf with Pepper Jelly Glaze at

Pity She Who Must Be Obeyed. One of the side effects of my cooking obsession is the need to try new things. I have a favourite meatloaf recipe that we really like. However, there may just be a better recipe out there and I have to look for it. This time I made Classic Meat Loaf with Pepper Jelly Glaze.

I found the recipe on the Canadian Beef site – I have tried several of the recipes from this site with good success. The link for this recipe is:

Classic Meat Loaf with Pepper Jelly Glaze

I started by grating the carrots and onions and frying them per the instructions.

Marvelous Meatloaf 1

I mixed the eggs, seasonings and milk and soaked the bread crumbs. Then I mixed the carrot/onion mixture, liquid and meat together being careful not to over mix.

Marvelous Meatloaf 2

I made up the glaze mixture and heated it in the microwave. I formed the meatloaf and brushed it with the glaze. Then, into a 350 F oven. My instant read thermometer confirmed the internal temperature was over 160 F.

Marvelous Meatloaf 3

I drained off the fat.

Marvelous Meatloaf 4

We served it with Crispy Crushed Potatoes (the next post) and coleslaw. We used the left over glaze mix with the meatloaf.

Marvelous Meatloaf 5

The Verdict

This is a very good meatloaf. It has a lighter texture than most meatloaf and is quite tender. The flavour has a sweet touch and a nice mild seasoning mix.

However, here’s the rub. While I would be happy to be served this meatloaf anytime, it isn’t quite as good as my favourite meatloaf recipe. My recipe gives a denser meatloaf which is more what I am used to.

It really comes down to a matter of taste. If you like a nice light meatloaf with great flavour, you will love this one. If you like a more old fashioned dense meatloaf, try my favourite.

The good news. both are delicious.

The Old Fat Guy


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