Meatloaf, You Have To Love It


I love meatloaf. I like it even better in a meatloaf sandwich the next day. So, it is time for a winter meatloaf.

I found this recipe online a couple of years ago and I really like it. It is called Aunt Evelyn’s Meatloaf.

The link is Aunt Evelyn’s Meatloaf.

The texture is a little finer than some other recipes due to the bread and oatmeal added. If you like a coarser meatloaf this won’t be for you.

I mixed the ingredients as instructed and used 1/2 old cheddar and 1/2 parmesan for the cheese.

I put it in the foil lined pan and made an indentation on the top for the topping.

I baked it to an internal temperature of 160 F.



The Verdict

This is a nice dense meatloaf with a firm texture. I like the flavour and texture the cheese gives.

She Who Must Be Obeyed prefers less filler in her meatloaf but she didn’t seem to have any problem eating this.

The Old Fat Guy

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