I love scones but they are usually a sweet afternoon treat. I wanted a savoury scone to have for breakfast. So, I cut the sugar and added bacon, cheese and green onions. MMMMM!

I’ve tried making them two ways. Once with only 50 ml (1/4 cup) (50 grams) of sugar and once with no sugar. Both are good and quite different. I think I slightly prefer the no sugar but others preferred a touch of sweet. Try it both ways and you decide.

You can also use all regular flour instead of a portion of whole wheat and different cheeses. Try sharp cheddar or any strong hard cheese. In this cook, I used Manchego.

Preheat an oven to 425 F (220 C).

I started by chopping 200 grams (300 ml) (1 1/4 cup) bacon and then browning it. If it has a lot of grease drain it but a little doesn’t hurt. Let the bacon cool.

Mix 50 ml (1/4 cup) (50 grams) sugar (if you are using it), 212 grams (400 ml) (1 2/3 cups) flour, 106 grams (200 ml) (7/8 cup) whole wheat flour, 15 ml (1 tablespoon) (15 grams) baking powder, 4 ml (3/4 teaspoon) (3 grams) salt, 1 ml (1/4 teaspoon) (0.5 grams) pepper, 0.5 ml (1/8 teaspoon) (0.4 grams) garlic powder and a pinch of cayenne in a large mixing bowl.

Cut 100 ml (1 1/2 cup) (91 grams) cold butter into the dry ingredients and cut with two knives or a pastry blender until like coarse cornmeal.

Add the bacon, 140 grams (450 ml) (1 3/4 cup) shredded cheese and 50 ml (1/4 cup) (20 grams) chopped green onion and stir to mix with the dry ingredients.

Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and pour 125 ml (1/2 cup) yogurt and 150 ml (2/3 cup) milk into the well. Stir the liquid in just until you have a well mixed dough.

Turn the dough onto a baking sheet coated with baking spray.

Form the dough into a circular disc about one inch thick, Cut the circle into eight wedges. Pull the wedges out so there are spaces between each scone.

Bake in a 425 F (220 C) oven for 25 minutes. I check the internal temperature with an instant read thermometer. If it is over 203 F (95 C) it is done.

I have done a video of this recipe:

The Verdict

This is a great breakfast or snack. The cheese gives it a richness. The salt of the bacon goes with the sweet. It is better warm so throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds if not serving right out of the oven.

The Old Fat Guy

Bacon Cheese Scones

Bacon Cheese Scones


  • 200 grams (300 ml) (1 ¼ cup) bacon, chopped
  • 50 ml (1/4 cup) (50 grams) sugar (optional)
  • 212 grams (400 ml) (1 2/3 cups) sifted flour
  • 106 grams (200 ml) (7/8) cups sifted whole wheat flour
  • 15 ml (1 tablespoon) (15 grams) baking powder
  • 4 ml (3/4 teaspoon) (3 grams) salt
  • 1 ml (1/4 teaspoon) (0.5 grams) pepper
  • ½ ml (1/8 teaspoon) (0.4 grams) garlic powder
  • 1 pinch cayenne
  • 100 ml (1/2 cup) (91 grams) cold butter
  • 140 grams (450 ml) (1 ¾ cup) shredded cheese
  • 50 ml (1/4 cup) (20 grams) green onion, chopped
  • 125 ml (1/2 cup) yogurt
  • 150 ml (2/3 cup) milk


  1. Preheat the oven to 450 F (230 C).
  2. Brown the bacon in a pan over medium high heat. If there is a lot of grease, drain most of it but a little is fine. Let the bacon cool.
  3. Mix sugar (if using), flours, baking powder, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne together in a large bowl.
  4. Cut the butter into the flour with two knives or a pastry cutter until the consistency of coarse cornmeal.
  5. Mix the bacon, cheese, and green onion into the flour mixture.
  6. Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and add the yogurt and milk. Work the flour into the liquid unit it forms a stiff dough.
  7. Turn the dough onto a baking tray coated with baking spray. Form the dough into a disc about 1 inch thick
  8. Cut the dough into eight wedges. Pull the wedges apart so there is space around each wedge.
  9. Bake at 425 F (230 C) for 25 minutes.
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  1. I’m usually not the cook in our household but your recipe inspired me. We didn’t have cayenne, so I added a few chopped up, hot, green, pickled jalapeno peppers. We enjoyed them for brunch today. Hubby said, “They were ridiculously delicious!”; I concur. Thank you!

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