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A Breakfast To Get Me Started


I am starting a two day project to smoke salmon. Of course, I need a good start. I have mentioned before I don’t like fried eggs. So I made something easy but filling, home made back (Canadian) bacon and fried potatoes.

The potato goes in the microwave, is sliced and browns in minutes, about the same time the bacon takes.

MMM! A breakfast of champions (and fat old guys).

The Fat Old Guy

Breakfast Sandwich, Home Cooked Fast Food


If you have time to cook regularly, you just have good food around. This morning for breakfast I took two slices of home made back bacon (Americans call it Canadian bacon) and threw them in a frying pan. As they are precooked, they only take a minute. While they were heating, I toasted a home made sourdough English muffin, a cheese slice and I had a breakfast sandwich that would make any fast food joint jealous. Continue reading Breakfast Sandwich, Home Cooked Fast Food