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I have been making scallops wrapped in bacon for decades. I always make them the same way.

I wrap bacon around a scallop, put a toothpick through to secure the bacon and grill them on my Weber Genesis on high.

They looked and tasted great. However, the toothpicks would char and you had to keep turning the scallops to get equal browning.

The other day, I was cooking some of my Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Potatoes in my smoker. The bacon was getting a nice colour. Why couldn’t I do my Scallops and Bacon in the smoker?

Here’s how I did it.

I wrapped each scallop in a piece of bacon. They were smaller so I cut each slice of bacon to fit. I put them all on a rack so I could put them in the smoker all at once.

I preheated my Traeger Timberline to 425 F (218 C). I put the scallops in with the intention of turning them after about 4 minutes. When I opened, there was nice browning on all surfaces. Let’s hear it for those fans in pellet smokers! I just let them go for another 4 minutes, until the bacon was nicely coloured.

I will note that my Traeger Timberline has a very steady heat. My prior pellets smoker had a fair amount of direct heat from below and I would likely have to turn them once. Experiment with your pellet smoker.

I used the rack to take them all out at once.

Serve with seafood sauce if desired.

The Verdict

The reason I make these all the time is She Who Must Be Obeyed loves them. She said these were as good as any I’ve made. I mopped my brow like I had been working hard and never told her how much easier this was. Just put the scallops in and they cook. The toothpicks got a little colour but didn’t char at all and the bacon browned evenly. Perfect!

The Old Fat Guy

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