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“Quick” Grilled Back Ribs

Quick Back Ribs4


She Who Must Be Obeyed bought back ribs and wanted them that night for supper. I didn’t have 5-6 hours to do a nice slow smoke so I grilled them over indirect heat. This is quicker than smoking the ribs but still takes a couple of hours so it is hardly fast.

I pulled the silver skin off the ribs. You do this by lifting a corner with a knife and grasping it with a paper towel and pulling it off. Sometimes it comes off all at once, sometimes it is a pain and you have to pull it off in pieces.

Quick Back Ribs

I gave the ribs a generous layer of barbecue rub.

Quick Back Ribs1

Then I fired up the barbecue and put a box of wood chips over one of the burners and turned the centre of the three burners on my grill off. If you have a barbecue with two burners, turn one off and turn the other on high. The goal is to get a temperature of 375 to 400 F with no direct flame beneath the ribs.
I turned the two burners to medium and put the ribs on the one that wasn’t lit. I cooked the ribs for 1 hour 20 minutes, turning every twenty minutes. For the next 40 minutes, I brushed the ribs with barbecue sauce and turned every 10 minutes.

Quick Back Ribs2

These ribs took 2 hours but every rack is different and every barbecue has different heat. So, if the ribs are looking done, they likely are. Just take the internal temperature and make sure they
are above 160 F (after two hours they should be well cooked).

Quick Back Ribs3

We served these with She Who Must Be Obeyed’s excellent coleslaw and broccoli salad. I added some garlic bread to the cause.
The Verdict: These aren’t as good as a long slow smoke but they were very tasty and have a nice texture with a lot of bite which the missus likes.

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