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Jack Daniels Marinated Pork Chops

A Great Recipe From The Roed To Good Cooking Blog

bourbon pork chops 3

I first ran into Josie of The Roed to Good Cooking blog on the Smoking Meat Forums. She showed herself to be a creative and innovative cook. Of course, I had to try one of her recipes.

I chose her Jack Daniels Marinated Pork Chops. Just click on this link and you can find the recipe.

Following are my efforts to record how I performed her recipe.

I made up the marinade as Josie recommended and marinated the pork chops for 3 hours flipping once.

bourbon pork chops


I seasoned the pork chops as instructed. I browned them on both sides and set aside.

bourbon pork chops 1

I made up the glaze as per her recipe. I put the pork chops back in and heated on each side.

bourbon pork chops 2


The glaze was poured over the chops and they were served.

bourbon pork chops 4


The Verdict

Thanks for a very nice recipe, Josie. It has a nice sweetness without overpowering the pork.

The Old Fat Guy

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