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The mountain garden is going great guns.

There are more and more flowers which makes She Who Must Be Obeyed happy. They’re OK, I guess. They would be better if you could eat them.

Kozy Koats 1

More importantly, the potatoes are up and the garlic is thriving. We even harvested lettuce and spinach yesterday.

Kozy Koats 2

These cold weather crops do well here but tomatoes and peppers are marginal due to the short growing season. To get around it, I have used Kozy Koats for a number of years. They are a ring of plastic tubes that you fill with water and place over the plants.

The water keeps a safe consistent temperature in the air and soil around the plants. I put my tomato and pepper transplants out the first of May. Since then we have had several frosts. One was hard enough to form ice on the surface of the water in the Kozy Koats. No problem. The plants did fine.

I hardily recommend this product to extend your garden season.

The Old Fat Guy.

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