I found some shoulder steaks on sale, cubed them and ran them through the medium plate on my KitchenAid with the grinder attachment. It is critical you keep the meat cold when making any kind of sausage. So keep it in the fridge whenever you aren’t doing something with it.


chorizo 1

I put the pork in the fridge to keep cold and mixed the seasonings into the tequila and wine vinegar.

chorizo 2

chorizo 3

I added the seasoning mixture to the pork and mixed it by hand for 4 minutes. It is critical that it is well mixed.

chorizo 4

Take a small amount out to do a test fry and put the rest in the fridge. Fry the small patty you left out until cooked through and taste it. This isn’t what the final chorizo will taste lake as the flavours blend out over time but it will let you know if it is way off on any of the seasonings.

Mine tasted great.

chorizo 9

chorizo 5


I covered the chorizo and let it sit in the fridge overnight to blend the flavours.

Most of the chorizo was going to be use for the enchiladas. However, you could put it in casings, make sausage patties or use it bulk in eggs, tacos, chili or a myriad other dishes.

I had enough to make a patty for a breakfast sandwich and still have enough for the enchiladas.

chorizo 6

chorizo 8

I don’t like fried eggs but She Who Must Be Obeyed had an egg on hers.

The Verdict

This has a great spice profile. There is some warmth in your mouth but it is not very spicy. It definitely made a great breakfast sandwich!

Add some spice to your life, make chorizo.

Here is the video of me preparing this.


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