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I do love South Asian curries. However, I don’t make them every day and the recipes usually call for herbs and spices I don’t normally make. What to do, what to do?

A great solution is to buy pre-made spice mixes (masalas). One of my twitter contacts. Lucky Masala, sent me some pre-made masalas to try. You need to know I got this product for free but I am giving my honest opinion of this product.

You can learn more about their products at:

I started with their Meat Masala. I will try the others in future posts.

The box comes with three pouches of the masalas so you will have lots for future meals.

While the spices are premixed for you, this is not an instant meal. You still need to prepare and cook the rest of the ingredients. In my view this is a plus. It lets you use fresh ingredients and adjust to your tastes.

Here are the instructions for preparing the curry.

I did a video of how to cook the Meat Masala.

The Verdict

This takes some time to prepare but the steps are quick and easy. You don’t require a lot of cooking experience to make it, just follow the instructions step by step.

The taste is excellent. One of the reasons I like authentic South Asian curries is that they have a complex seasoning profile that changes on your tongue as you eat it. It really wakes your taste buds up! It has the typical curry flavour with a fair amount of heat  but not enough to burn your mouth. Even She Who Must Be Obeyed has no problem with it. I suspect the yogurt helps cool it down.

The texture is luscious. It makes a rich gravy and the meat melts in your mouth.

This is a great curry and I can recommend it.

The Old Fat Guy.

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