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Would you like to embarrass a Fat Old Canadian? Is there a dish or recipe you would like to see made?

I have been challenged to take part in the #ALLINCHALLENGE. It is set up for celebrities to go all in to support charities in these tough times.

This is embarrassing on a couple of levels. First, I am no celebrity. I am a fat old Canadian who likes to cook.

Second, I am not rich. I am blessed to be financially secure, have a great wife, and to live a good life. I have enough money to support causes and will regularly support our local food bank and Medicines Sans Frontiers but not enough to be a major contributor to anything.

My first instinct was to ignore the challenge, but if I did not do what I could to help the many people who are suffering during these times, I would not feel good about myself. Even though my contribution will be small if we all contribute what we can it will make a great difference.

So, I have decided to ask all of you to help me make a difference. I give you the opportunity to ask the Old Fat Guy (me) to make a video cooking whatever you want. I will make a video with an interview with you of me making anything you suggest. If you want to see something crazy like smoked Jell-O, I will do my best to make it. Perhaps, you have always wanted to see a Canadian take his chances with a southern dish like grits or you just want a classic like Beef Bourguignonne. The only rule is, I have to be able to get the ingredients. Sorry, no alligator tongue stew.

Here is how it will work.

  1. Donate to your favourite charity. It does not matter how much or which charity. The only rule on the charity is no political parties. I want to help people.
  2. You send me your request by responding to this post on my blog, by twitter at @DiscoDavid9, by email at or on facebook at @oldfatguyblog. Tell me what charity you donated to and a one to two paragraph reason others should donate to the charity. Ask me what you want me to cook in the video (remember, I have to be able to get the ingredients).
  3. I will post each message to my blog.
  4. After May 4, 2020, I will post a list of requests on my social media accounts and the blog asking people to vote for the cooking request they want to see.
  5. I will do two videos. One for the request that gets the most votes and one for the one I like best.
  6. I will ask the requestor to be interviewed in the video and to promote their charity.

Help the Old Fat Guy make a difference!


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