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Roast Beef and Potatoes at

I haven’t bought much beef lately. It has something to do with the price. OK, it has everything to do with the price. Buying a beef roast causes irreparable harm to my skinflint personality. Fortunately, the local supermarket had sirloin tip roasts on sale.

A sirloin tip isn’t a particularly tender cut of beef. Also, the sale price suggested to me it wasn’t the highest grade but, hey, take what you can get. I decided to roast it instead of braise it and just chew a little more.

I started by rubbing the two pound roast with some vegetable oil and rubbing some herbs de provence over the roast.

Roast Beef and Potatoes 1

I put 4 cups of small new potatoes in a bowl and tossed them with oil and more herbs. I put the roast and the potatoes in a baking pan.

Roast Beef and Potatoes 2

I put it in a 400 F oven and cooked it to an internal temperature of 130 F. It took about an hour. I turned the potatoes twice during the cooking.

I put the roast on the carving board and tented it with foil. I took the potatoes out of the pan and kept them warm.

Roast Beef and Potatoes 3

I put 1/4 cup of butter in the pan over medium heat. When it melted, I stirred in 1/4 cup of flour. I cooked the flour and butter for a couple of minutes. I added a can of condensed beef broth, 1/2 can water and 2 tablespoons soy sauce. I stirred and cooked until the gravy thickened. I tasted and added salt and pepper to taste.

Roast Beef and Potatoes 4

I sliced the beef quit thin.

Roast Beef and Potatoes 5

We served the beef and potatoes with steamed vegetables.

Roast Beef and Potatoes at

The Verdict

There is no doubt that the roast was not as tender as a nice prime rib. However, it had a good taste and was not too tough. The gravy and potatoes were great. The hot roast beef sandwiches the next day were very nice, too!

The Old Fat Guy

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