Proud Grill Smartignition Outdoor & BBQ Electric Lighter – Product Review

I was in my favourite local BBQ store, The Fireplace in Cranbrook, BC. I like them because they give great service and stock quality BBQ products.

I was looking to pick up a new outdoor lighter. They recommended the Proud Grill Smartignition Outdoor and BBQ Electric Lighter. It is brilliant! I wish I’d had one for years.

It is a lighter with two probes at the end. A rechargeable battery sets up an electrical arc between the probes that is hot enough to ignite your grill or other uses. The battery is recharged with a USB cable and is good for hundreds of lights after a charge.

It is about 3 times more expensive than a butane lighter but you don’t have to through it out when it is empty or mess around with refilling it.

This is simple, easy to use, has all the standard safety features, and will save money over time.

The Old Fat Guy

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