Louisiana Grills LG900 Pellet Smoker Review, Update

Louisiana Grills LG900 Pellet Smoker
Louisiana Grills LG900 Pellet Smoker

I did a review of my Louisiana Grills Pellet Smoker in a previous post. I covered putting it together and my initial impressions. I thought it would be a good idea to update my experience with the smoker after a few months and many smokes.

As I have used the smoker, I have found it to be reliable and easy to use. It has made my smoking so much easier. All I have to do is fill the pellet hopper, turn it on and set the temperature. It has excellent temperature control. It is so good, I have used it just like my kitchen oven with good success.

The benefits of the pellet smoker are:

  • It is very easy to use.
  • It has great temperature control.
  • At lower temperatures, it gives a good smoke flavour.
  • It has stood up well to outside storage but I did buy the cover to go with it.
  • The grills and interior have been easy to clean.
  • The way it is laid out with the upper rack it can cook an amazing amount of food.
  • The fan circulates air and the food cooks and browns evenly and well like a convection oven.
  • The ability to move a plate over the burn container allows for great searing.

The downsides are:

  • It is necessary to clean out the ash that builds up. It is a bit of a pain to lift out the plate that covers the burn container but nothing major.
  • It is not as cheap to run as a propane grill but compares well to barbecue/wood burners.
  • If you are going to reduce the temperature settings a lot, you need to open the lid to quickly reduce the temperature or the smoker may go out. I do this if I am lowering the temperature by more than 100 F.
  • At higher temperatures, there isn’t a lot of smoke flavour added.

Would I recommend this smoker? Absolutely! The smoker does a great job without a lot of fuss and supervision. However, the main plus is that it gives a great result. The food cooks evenly, the great temperature control gives you the ability to do varied and complex recipes.

I find myself doing less work to do a cook and getting better results. This smoker is a good value that has been a lot of fun and has let me step up my game.

I love it.

The Old Fat Guy

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