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Louisiana Grills LG900 Pellet Smoker Review, Update

Louisiana Grills LG900 Pellet Smoker
Louisiana Grills LG900 Pellet Smoker

Aug 7, 2019, Since originally posting this you need to know,

In my prior reviews and posts, I have recommended my Louisiana Grills LG900 and it gave me two years of great service. However, since the start of this season, the pellets in the hopper that feed the smoker have caught fire three times. I feel you need this information considering my prior recommendation.

I did a review of my Louisiana Grills Pellet Smoker in a previous post. I covered putting it together and my initial impressions. I thought it would be a good idea to update my experience with the smoker after a few months and many smokes.

As I have used the smoker, I have found it to be reliable and easy to use. It has made my smoking so much easier. All I have to do is fill the pellet hopper, turn it on and set the temperature. It has excellent temperature control. It is so good, I have used it just like my kitchen oven with good success.

The benefits of the pellet smoker are:

  • It is very easy to use.
  • It has great temperature control.
  • At lower temperatures, it gives a good smoke flavour.
  • It has stood up well to outside storage but I did buy the cover to go with it.
  • The grills and interior have been easy to clean.
  • The way it is laid out with the upper rack it can cook an amazing amount of food.
  • The fan circulates air and the food cooks and browns evenly and well like a convection oven.
  • The ability to move a plate over the burn container allows for great searing.

The downsides are:

  • It is necessary to clean out the ash that builds up. It is a bit of a pain to lift out the plate that covers the burn container but nothing major.
  • It is not as cheap to run as a propane grill but compares well to barbecue/wood burners.
  • If you are going to reduce the temperature settings a lot, you need to open the lid to quickly reduce the temperature or the smoker may go out. I do this if I am lowering the temperature by more than 100 F.
  • At higher temperatures, there isn’t a lot of smoke flavour added.

Would I recommend this smoker? Absolutely! The smoker does a great job without a lot of fuss and supervision. However, the main plus is that it gives a great result. The food cooks evenly, the great temperature control gives you the ability to do varied and complex recipes.

I find myself doing less work to do a cook and getting better results. This smoker is a good value that has been a lot of fun and has let me step up my game.

I love it.

The Old Fat Guy

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