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Oh No! Not My Tea!

Researchers at the University of Alberta have found levels of lead in teas that are dangerous to unborn babies. The levels were highest in teas from China. They opine that the pollution from burning coal has accumulated in the tea plants. They warn that as few as 3 cups could affect unborn babies.

The article does state that the levels are not likely high enough to affect adults.

I just can’t do without my cup of tea. Sigh, I guess I will have to look for teas from Ceylon or India.

The Old Fat Guy

Beat Black Friday, Give Food

I don’t know about you but I really hate the Christmas shopping that begins on Black Friday and all the commercialism. I always seem to pick gifts that end up in somebody’s drawer never to be seen again. Even worse, I receive clothes that are the wrong size or have Rudolph on them with a nose that lights up. The last thing I need is more stuff and the same goes for most of my adult friends and relatives. Continue reading Beat Black Friday, Give Food

Is Convenience Food Really “Convenient”?

This was originally posted on November 23, 2013. It has been reposted due to a catastrophic back up failure by my web host.

I see people buying Hamburger Helper or packaged meals. I know they are busy and think that they are saving time. I just disagree.
Last night I made a smoked picnic shoulder. While it does take time, it is not a lot of work, it just cooks for a long time. Also, if you take the time to make at least one really good meal a week, you can make extra and prepackage your own convenience food.

I have four meals worth of ham frozen and we will have another meal of ham tonight.That is five nights that I just have to reheat some ham for dinner. Add some nice bread and a salad and you have a great meal that is quicker than most “convenience food” and will taste way better.

Please try at least one great meal a week and make your own packaged food! Your stomach and family will thank you!

The Old Fat Guy

A Food Lover Must Be Flexible

This was originally posted November 22, 2013. It is being reposted due to a catastrophic back up failure by my Web Host.

We are having a bit of a fancy dinner today. The local supermarket had a sale on a smoked pork picnic shoulder. So, pork picnic shoulder and scalloped potatoes were called for. I will post on those efforts later.

I was also out of English Muffins and we needed groceries. It sounded like a full day. We headed off to buy groceries and She Who Must Be Obeyed wanted to go to Home Depot for Black Friday. We went and she found two light fixtures she wanted and asked me to put them up this afternoon.

I pointed out I already had pork picnic shoulder, English muffins and scalloped potatoes pending this afternoon. I didn’t think I’d have time. After input from the missus, it was determined I was wrong. So, as I take a brief break and type this, The ham is cooking, the English muffins are done and the light fixtures are in. I will start the scalloped potatoes shortly.

It was a good thing the missus was here to correct me.

The Fat Old Guy

Genetically Modified Food (GMF)

This was originally posted on November 18, 2013. It is being reposted due to a catastrophic back up loss by my web host.

There has been a lot of publicity and debate around GMF recently. I have to admit, I am at a loss. There are scientists and advocates on both sides. I have no idea if it is a threat or not.

That being said, as a significant number of people want to avoid it, I do not understand the reluctance to label GMF. Put it out there and let the market decide.

I have heard the arguments re cost but, once it is in practice, it shouldn’t cost any more than ingredient and nutritional levels.

Label it and let the buyer decide.

The Old Fat Guy