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Cooks Make Everything Better

Picture owned by used with permission
Picture owned by used with permission

You have to love cooks, chefs and foodies in general. There isn’t any competition between them, just an urge to make something better. A cook sees a new idea or technique and they don’t say “I wish I thought of that.” They get excited and think how they can use it. They put their own twist on it and the world is improved with a new dish. Continue reading Cooks Make Everything Better

Merry Christmas From The Old Fat Guy

Christmas Picture

I find myself at peace this Christmas. It has been a good year. I am married to a great person. Friends are coming for Christmas dinner. I am as healthy as an old fat guy can be.

It makes me think of many who don’t have shelter, fine food or even hope. May we reach out a hand to those who need it.

To all of you, I wish a Christmas of good food, much love and great joy.

To my friends who do not celebrate Christmas, I wish you peace and contentment now and for the New Year.

I thank everyone for being part of my wonderful world.

The Old Fat Guy

Make Your Own Smoker

I am an old guy who likes to cook. I am not a metal worker and I am not handy. However, my Bradley Smoker has one weakness. It doesn’t get to a very high temperature and some dishes smoke better at high heat, like chicken. So, I was inspired by Smoking Meat Forum and built a WSM Mini. It is a small charcoal smoker built from a tamale pot and a Webber Smoky Joe charcoal barbecue. Neither are particularly expensive. Continue reading Make Your Own Smoker

Thermapen, I love it!

Thermapen is an instant read thermometer that advertises itself as fast and accurate. It is. I don’t know how I cooked without it. It just reads temperatures withing a couple of seconds and is deadly accurate. If you have ever sat waiting for your instant read thermometer to come to temperature wondering if you are there yet, you know why I love this product. Continue reading Thermapen, I love it!