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Picture owned by used with permission
Picture owned by used with permission

You have to love cooks, chefs and foodies in general. There isn’t any competition between them, just an urge to make something better. A cook sees a new idea or technique and they don’t say “I wish I thought of that.” They get excited and think how they can use it. They put their own twist on it and the world is improved with a new dish.

I added butter to a burger in my post Moist Burgers. It was an idea born of too lean a beef for a good burger. A fellow blogger, Carlee, commented on it on social media. A friend of hers, Mimi, saw the idea and decided to take it to a new level and invented a work of art, Sriracha Butter Burgers with great seasonings and BACON! I love bacon on a burger.

I love dealing with creative people who are always looking for something new. Therefore, I love cooks, chefs and foodies.

Join us. Find a recipe or food idea and make it your own! I can heartily recommend the Cooking With Carlee blog as a source of great recipes and ideas.

Thanks to Carlee and Mimi for making a great dish from a modest idea.

The Old Fat Guy.

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration! MiMi and I both love seeing what other people are making and trying to put our own spin on it. MiMi did a great job on this one! Thanks again for the inspiration. We have a few other recipes of yours we’d like to take a shot at and a few I am going to beg my brother to make too.

    1. For me, this is the best part of cooking. People taking an idea and improving on it. Thanks for inspiring me to remain adventurous.

    1. I agree. Carlee and Mimi really hit it out of the park with this one. As for your husband, it is only fair to warn you that it may become an addiction and there are no 12 step programs. That being said, if I can do anything to help him let me know.

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