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Flowers, A Waste of Good Vegetable Growing Space?

Garden 6-22-1

She Who Must Be Obeyed is pleased that more and more of her flowers are blooming.

Even the wild flowers are early this year.

Garden 6-22-2

Yes, yes, the flowers are very pretty but you can’t eat them!

There are many more important developments in the garden.

This is the second year for my raspberry patch and it is doing great.

Garden 6-22-8

The garlic is going great guns.

Garden 6-22-7

The peas, spinach and lettuce have sprouted.

Garden 6-22-6

The early potatoes are in the ground.

Garden 6-22-5

The strawberry patch has flowers opening.

Garden 6-22-4

The rhubarb is just about ready to harvest.

Garden 6-22-3

So, as you can see, the important stuff is all that delicious food growing. The flowers are ok. I guess. If you like that kind of thing.

The Old Fat Guy


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9 Responses

  1. Ha! Maybe some of the flowers are edible? You could garnish a nice smoked hunk of meat with the! 😉 Though that might land you in the dog house!

  2. It’s so exciting to see everything coming up in the garden, flowers and all. I have the same feeling as you about the flowers but I think they’re an important attractant for bees. Some flowers are great companions for the veggies, as they deter pesty buggies and slugs! I’m glad to see you’re thawing out up there in Canada 😉

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