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Tasty Potato Roast,

Tasty Potato Roast at

I was cooking a steak for Valentines Day. I had seen a recipe for roast potatoes I just had to try at the Happy Belly Foodie Blog (a great blog with many fine recipes). So I made it for dinner and here is my version of Tasty Potato Roast.

The recipe is printed at:

Tasty Potato Roast

I only made two changes from the recipe. First, I just can’t peel potatoes. I feel like I am throwing away food every time I do. So, instead of peeling baker potatoes, I cut up new potatoes with the skin on.

Second, I cut the salt back to 1/2 teaspoon as I am have been using less salt since I retired and I really note salt flavours strongly now.

I mixed up the dressing as per her instructions.

I tossed the potatoes in them and put them in the oven.

Tasty Potato Roast 1

During the cooking, I tossed them in the sauce a couple of times.

Tasty Potato Roast 2

Here they are after cooking.

Tasty Potato Roast 3

I served them with the grilled fillet I made for our Valentine Dinner.

Tasty Potato Roast 4

The Verdict

These were excellent. They have a nice texture and just the right touch of lemon without being overpowering or greasy like some Greek roast potato recipes. I would strongly recommend this recipe. Thanks to Happy Belly Foodie!

The Old Fat Guy


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3 Responses

    1. I have done a Greek style that has a lot of liquid and oil. The potatoes come out more like boiled but with some browning. The difference with Happy Belly Foodie’s recipe is that there is only a little liquid and you baste them. You still get a touch of nice fresh lemon taste but the texture is closer to roasted. They are quite nice.

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