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Louisiana Grills Mesquite Burgers

Mesquite Burgers at

One of the seasonings I got from Louisiana Grills was Mesquite Rub and Grill. I wanted to try this because there is problems with burgers on a smoker or grill. They just aren’t on the grill long enough to get a lot of smoke taste. I thought a Mesquite seasoning would add to the smoke flavour.

I started by forming the burgers. I made them about 1/3 pound each. I gave one side a generous shake of the Mesquite seasoning.

Mesquite Burgers

I put the burgers, seasoned side up, on the Louisiana Grills Pellet Smoker that had been preheated to 500 F. I cooked it for about 4 minutes and flipped.

I shook a generous amount of the seasoning on the second side and cooked for about 3 minutes longer. I made sure the internal temperature was over 160 F and served.

Mesquite Burgers 1

The Verdict

This is the first time I did burgers on the pellet smoker. It does a nice burger with a good crust which I like on my burgers.

The seasoning did just what I wanted it to. It gave a nice smokey background taste to my burger. This would be good on anything you cook quickly on a grill.

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