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Aviation Gin Beauty at

The second cocktail we made from the gift bottle of Aviation Gin was a Gin Beauty. We found it by going to the Aviation Gin site. Considering She Who Must Be Obeyed and my friend, Heather were here, we had to make a drink called a beauty!

The recipe for the cocktail is located at the Aviation Gin website at this link:

Gin Beauty

I muddled the mint by bruising it, not crushing it.  I added 1/2 of a cocktail shaker of ice and the gin, pomegranate juice, lemon juice and syrup.

Aviation Gin Beauty 4

I shook thoroughly and poured it into ice filled Collins glasses.

Aviation Gin Beauty 1

The results looked like a beauty.

Aviation Gin Beauty 3

The Verdict

This was very tasty and looked really attractive. I thought it was a little strong on the mint but I was the only one. Everyone else loved the distinct mint flavour. We all enjoyed the level of sweetness and the fact the nice crisp taste of the Aviation gin came through. This is another winner.

The only problem is we are finding so many great cocktails it is getting harder to decide which ones to have again. Sigh, the difficulties I endure.

The Old Fat Guy

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