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Absolute Pomegranate Julep at


My buddy and I have been sampling classic cocktails. He saw this recipe while we were researching them. It isn’t classic but he wanted to try it. Life is rough but we do what we must do.

The recipe is at the Absolut Vodka site.

I put the honey and mint in my cocktail shaker and used a muddler to crush the mint. I half filled the shaker with ice.  The rest of the ingredients were added.

Absolute Pomegranate Julep 1

I shook the cocktail until it was very cold. I strained the cocktail into highball glasses and added ice cubes.

Absolute Pomegranate Julep 2

The Verdict

This is a nice cocktail. I felt the grapefruit flavour was too strong but my buddy really liked it. I would enjoy this cocktail any time but there are others I preferred. What does my buddy know?

The Old Fat Guy

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