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A Great Italian Restaurant, Paliotti’s Italian Restaurant Maple Ridge.

One of the benefits of social media is you meet great people. I ran across the fine owners of Paliotti’s Italian Restaurant Maple Ridge on Instagram. I kept seeing pictures of incredible food. I had to go. We had to travel to Vancouver and I stopped in.

The meal started auspiciously with my friend, Bill, having a sour apple martini and I enjoying a fine glass of their house red Shiraz.

The friendly owner suggested a Gamberetti Pizziola, prawns in a spicy sauce. They were wonderfully delicious with just a touch of spicy kick.

Bill had Spaghettini Carbonara. It was creamy with wonderful undertones of bacon and parmesan giving a salty touch.

I ordered the lasagne. They had a tasty rose sauce that is so much more complex than the usual tomato sauce. It was perfect.

The Verdict

This restaurant does the standard great mark of good cuisine, quality ingredients treated with respect. We loved all the dishes they serve.

To quote Bill, “I would come here anytime”.

The Old Fat Guy

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