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BBQ Honey Mustard Wings

I love honey mustard chicken wings. I also love Carolina Pulled Pork with mustard sauce. As usual, when I love two things that are even slightly related, something in my brain fires, my hands start to tremble, and I must start trying a new recipe. I simply had to make wings with a BBQ sauce flavoured with honey mustard. Thus, BBQ Honey Mustard Wings were born. Continue reading BBQ Honey Mustard Wings

Lloyd’s Salt and Pepper Wings

Lloyd's Salt and Pepper Wings at oldfatguy.ca

In my last post I made a version of Piri Piri Wings for a friend who can’t eat garlic or onion. When guests come over, can really serve them only one variety of wing appetizer? I guess you could but who would want to. So, I did a version of Salt and Pepper Wings that used the same garlic infusion as the Piri Piri Wings. Continue reading Lloyd’s Salt and Pepper Wings

Lloyd’s Piri Piri Wings

Lloyd's Piri Piri Wings at oldfatguy.ca

When some friends came to visit, I had a bit of a challenge. One of them can’t eat onions or garlic. They could eat an oil infusion of garlic or onion but not the vegetable itself. I decided to try some Piri Piri Wings.¬†Normally, Piri Piri Wings have a strong garlic hit so I would have to get creative. Continue reading Lloyd’s Piri Piri Wings