Time to Freeze the Garlic


I grow garlic and I use the fresh garlic until just before Christmas. Much longer and it starts to sprout and go soft. The garlic I have left is broken into cloves, peeled and frozen on a cookie sheet. This year, it is -8 outside so I froze it outside. I then put it in a container in the freezer to use in dishes for the rest of the winter.

Waste not want not! Dang, I’m sounding like my father.

The Old Fat Guy

Tenderflake® Lard Pastry, an Old Favourite


There are myriad pie crust recipes. I think they fall into two categories. Ones that are easy to make and make a decent pie crust and others that are a bit more fussy and make a great pie crust. When it comes to Christmas baking, I just have to go to a great pie crust and I have found none better than the classic Tenderflake® Lard recipe from the box the lard comes in. I will be making mincemeat tarts for Christmas dinner tomorrow, so today, I made pie crust. Continue reading Tenderflake® Lard Pastry, an Old Favourite

A Quick Lunch


I am busy today so I went into the freezer and got a bratwurst and a homemade bun out. A few minutes later, I was eating a great tasting lunch. Cooking for yourself is convenient and tasty even when your in a hurry.

The Old Fat Guy

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