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Sliced Cucumbers with Chives, Yogurt and Basil

Sliced Cucumber with Chives, Yogurt and Basil at

I had a request for She Who Must Be Obeyed’s recipe for Sliced Cucumbers. The problem I was confronted with is that it is from a copyrighted book, The Lighthearted Cookbook by Anne Lindsay. We have a whole series of her cook books and use them often. Even if I was legally entitled to reproduce the recipe, I would be loathe to. Anne Lindsay wrote great books and I shouldn’t be giving away her recipes. The problem was solved when I found the recipe posted on the internet. Continue reading Sliced Cucumbers with Chives, Yogurt and Basil

Fall Spinach Salad

Spinach Salad

Even here in the mountains, you can have a late spinach crop. I plant it in late summer and it is hardy through light frost.

You have to love fresh greens. Here I shredded some  spinach, put some leftover chicken on it and dressed with Creamy Caesar Dressing and a grated local cheese. Delicious, quick and easy.

Why is there packaged fast food?

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