Month: March 2020

A Food Blog by a Fat Old Guy

Tipperary Cocktail

Saint Patrick’s day deserves a wee drop of the creature! My choice for this year’s celebration, a Tipperary Cocktail.

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Cuban Chicken

I my prior post I made Cuban Sazon (Cuban Seasonings). Of course, I had to make something with it. Cubans

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Cuban Sazon

I love Cuban seasonings. Some of the ingredients for making them are difficult to find here in the Canadian Rockies

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Boxty Bread

Saint Patrick’s day is coming soon. In my last post I showed how to make Irish Sausage. Here is the

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Irish Sausage

Saint Patrick’s day is coming. Many make Corned Beef and Cabbage or Irish Stew but how about making an Irish

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I had neighbours who made Kielbasa. It is a Polish sausage. I have always loved it and have tried to

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