Chicken Breast on the Pellet Smoker

Chicken Breast on the Pellet Smoker at

I am still learning how to use my Louisiana Grills pellet smoker and I am having a lot of fun. One of the fellows at Smoking Meat Forums, Goliath, has owned a Louisiana Grills smoker for a while. He told me the grill was amazing at doing skinless boneless chicken breasts. That would be a bonus because they are hard to cook without getting them rubbery. Here is my first attempt. Continue reading Chicken Breast on the Pellet Smoker

Aviation Search and Rescue

Aviation Search and Rescue at

In a previous post, I spoke about our Aviation Disaster, we ran out of Aviation Gin. My friend, Heather, had brought us some from the big city but it wasn’t available in our local liquor store. The search was on! Fortunately, the local BC Liquor Store manager ordered a case of Aviation gin so we could get some and now the store has it in stock. We were rescued. We had to come up with a cocktail to celebrate. Welcome to the Aviation Search and Rescue. Continue reading Aviation Search and Rescue

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