Trimming St Louis Ribs

I love spareribs and I prefer them St Louis cut. That means the centre rib bone, the back skirt and the end flap are trimmed off to make a neat rectangle of meat.

Unfortunately, I am also cheap and St Louis Cut Ribs are more expensive than the full rack.

The solution to this conundrum is to trim my own ribs. I get a nice rack of St Louis ribs and trimmings for Rib Tips at about the same price of the St Louis ribs.

The good news is, it is easy to do.

Start by going to the bone side of the ribs. There is a skirt of meat that runs at an angle across one end of the ribs. Trim this off.

Next, find the longest rib and run your finger along it. You will fine a notch where bone changes to cartilage.

Cut parallel to the straight edge of the ribs just on the cartilage side of the notch.

Cut the floppy meat and cartilage at the end of the rack to square it off.

You have a lovely rectangle of St Louis trim ribs! Make sure you save the trimmings for rib tips!

I have done a video of this process:

Have fun, save some money, eat great food!

The Old Fat Guy

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