Aviation Disaster!

Aviation Gin at oldfatguy.ca

We tried a recipe from the Aviation Gin site in a prior post. Unfortunately, we could not find Aviation Gin in the local liquor store. A friend was coming up from the big city and surprised me with a bottle of Aviation Gin.

I really liked it. It has a crisper, fresher taste than the other gins I have tried. Over the next few days we tried several great cocktails which you will see in subsequent posts. It was good times, good drinks and good gin.

The disaster? I am almost out of Aviation Gin and I still can’t get it here!

The Old Fat Guy

Celebration Pizza

Celebration Pizza at oldfatguy.ca

The thing about being retired is you don’t get a day off. There are no long weekends or vacation days. So, I decided I would make my own holiday to celebrate and do what  I want. I called my first day off work Retirement Day and I celebrate it every year.

Every special occasion deserves a traditional meal. I decided on homemade pizza and I go to a little extra effort to make the crust just the way I like it and get topping I wouldn’t normally buy. I call it my Celebration Pizza. Continue reading Celebration Pizza

Crab Apple Jelly (The Old Way)

Crab Apple Jelly the Old Way at oldfatguy.ca

I have a crab apple tree. It produces crab apple prolifically. I have a sweet tooth. Crab Apple Jelly is a natural.

I have always used an old fashioned long boil to make my jelly. However, using commercial pectin is easier and more fool proof. Being a fool, I wondered about trying the commercial pectin method. So, I did both. This post is the old long boil method with no commercial pectin added. Continue reading Crab Apple Jelly (The Old Way)

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