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Whole Wheat Sourdough Biscuits, A Canundrum

I have previously posted the Sourdough Biscuit Recipe from my friend Linda. They were terrific. Such a nice coating around tender moist biscuits. However, I love whole wheat.

I would like to say I like whole wheat because it is better for me. It is, but that is not why I like it. I find it tastes better and gives a nice consistency to backed products with a bit more chew.

Even I admit that bread made with whole wheat doesn’t rise quite as much or is as light as white bread. I sacrifice that for the taste. I mitigate the loss by still using white flour and mixing in some whole wheat.

So, when I got my hands on a a great Sourdough Biscuit Recipe, I had to try it with whole wheat.

I made it exactly the same as I did in the Sourdough Biscuit Recipe, but I substituted 1/2 the white flour with whole wheat flour.

The Verdict

I believe I lost about 20% of the rise due to the whole wheat flour. The great crispy crust remained and the interior of the biscuit was still soft and moist. However, it was definitely a little heavier than the original Sourdough Biscuit Recipe. That being said, it had the nice full flavour of the whole wheat and tasted delicious.
I am torn. Do I make the light fluffy Sourdough Biscuit Recipe or do I make the whole wheat version with the heavier biscuit but great whole wheat flavour?

They are both so good in different ways, I will likely alternate. Why deprive yourself?

The Old Fat Guy

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