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I have become quite fond of my Gibson Cocktail every few days. I have tried some quality gins to make them.

I was in the liquor store to pick up some gin and I saw Victoria Premium Cocktail Gin on the shelf. It purported to be a perfect gin for cocktails that was made in batch production.

I have to admit, I am somewhat skeptical of “small batch”  or “craft produced” or a host of other descriptors. I generally find them to be more expensive for an over flavoured product, particularly in alcoholic beverages. It seems like the producers want some unique flavour to set them apart and it isn’t always an improvement.

However, I felt like a treat and while it was a touch more expensive, you will never find a better product if you don’t take a chance.

I picked up the bottle and took it home. I started by trying it neat, with no mix. Immediately I was impressed. This is a premium gin that is well worth the extra cost. The taste was sharp and crisp. I tasted a bit of anise and some floral tastes but not enough to get in the way of the fresh smooth taste. There was no gin soapy taste and not bite of strong alcohol, just strong clear smoothness with complex notes.

I never thought I would find a gin that I would like to sip without mix but this was delicious.

Next, I mixed up my favourite Gibson Cocktail. As you would expect, a delicious gin made a great cocktail. I also agree with them that this is a perfect mixing gin for cocktails. The clear tastes with such smoothness allows mix ingredients to come through.

The Verdict

I hate when I am wrong. In this case, my prejudice against “batch produced” almost stopped me from trying a quality product. This gin is going to be the one I choose for company or a treat. It is a quality product.

The Old Fat Guy


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