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The Mountain Garden On Canada Day

I do a post on our garden every year. This year I am a little behind and find myself on July 1 without having done the post. July 1 is also Canada Day. I decided to do an extensive tour of our garden in the mountains to show why I wouldn’t live anywhere else and why I love my Canadian home.

She Who Must Be Obeyed spoils me rotten. She has landscaped a small part of our acreage into a peaceful retreat. There are mountain walks and many places to rest and enjoy.

She has a remarkable selection of beautiful flowers for a mountain garden. I give her a hard time that you can’t eat flowers but the are beautiful.

Of course, the most important part of the garden is mine, the vegetable garden.

The top left is our new rhubarb. We had a huge rhubarb plant that was killed by a fungus last year so we have a small replacement. The other two plants are Stupice tomatoes I squeezed in as the rhubarb is still small.

There are 3 varieties of potatoes in the two beds shown here, Chieftain, Merida and Warba.

Despite my whining about flowers taking up valuable vegetable space, I always dedicate one bed to flowers.

This picture has my Stupice, Roma and Black Cherry Tomatoes, Norland potatoes, 7 varieties of garlic and bush beans. The plants in the tires are zucchini and patty pan squash.

I have some smaller beds for carrots, onions, peas, pepper, spinach and lettuce. Dill grows around them.

Finally, just to prove vegetables gardens have some beauty too, here is a lovely little potato flower.

I love my wife, I love my garden,  I love the mountains and I love my country. Happy Canada Day!

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