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I have been suffering from a toothache. I am tired and sore. This may sound like the perfect time to go buy a burger or something. However, that would require getting in the car and going out. I don’t feel like it.

Another option would be to open a can or a box of something. It would be food but it would taste awful.

It is due to times like this that I seek out and hang on to quality commercial products. If you have good ingredients around, you can have a quick delicious meal with minimum work.

I had some boneless skinless chicken thigh. They are thin and cook quickly on my barbecue while the dark meat is moister and more flavourful than breast meat.

I turned by Weber Genesis gas grill on high to preheat. I sprinkled some Bub ‘n Mutha’s rub on the thighs. I put them on the grill over high and brushed a nice layer of Koss Sauce over the top. I cooked for 4 minutes and flipped the thighs and brushed more sauce over them and cooked to an internal temperature of 170 F which only took a couple of minutes.

The Verdict

I am still sore and tired but I had a great meal. If you take the time to find quality products like Bub ‘n Mutha’s and Koss Sauce you will always only be minutes away from tasty food. These breasts were ready in minutes and had a great complexity from the rub and a sweet tart balance from the sauce.

Good products make good food.

Cooking can be faster and easier than fast food.

So ends the sermon.

The Old Fat Guy

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