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Summer Harvest Salsa at

It is harvest time and one of the best things about fresh tomatoes is they make the best salsa. So, I made a batch of She Who Must Be Obeyed’s favourite salsa. It is always a good thing to be nice to the woman you love!

I have posted the recipe for this salsa before as I make it every year. I am too lazy to type it all again but it is at this link:

Two Salsas! It Is Time For Canning

Salsa is time consuming but it really isn’t very hard.

You sterilize some jars.

Summer Harvest Salsa 1

You chop up a mess of vegetables. Mix them together and cook them for a couple of hours.

Summer Harvest Salsa 2

You put the salsa in jars and process them in the hot water bath again. Voila!

Summer Harvest Salsa 3

The Verdict

This is a great salsa with fruity sweetness, fresh tomato taste and touch of spice. We make it every year.

The Old Fat Guy

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