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I Used the WSM Mini To Cold Smoke

Smoked Cheese 2015 2

I loved smoked cheese and it is easy to make if you have the right equipment

I started by using my WSM Mini Smoker as the vessel to smoke the cheese in. You don’t need to have one to smoke cheese. If you have a barbecue grill with a lid that closes, that will do.

Much more important is a source of smoke. I use an A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker which generates a nice smoke without contributing too much heat. I like to keep the temperature in the smoking chamber to around 70 F or less.

Just put the lit pellet smoker in the chamber with the cheese. Try and keep the cheese away from the pellet smoker as it will have some radiant heat. I used maple pellets for this smoke.

I chose jalapeno jack, herb cheese and Cheddar for this smoke.

Use a thermometer to keep the temperature below 70 F. I used my BlueTherm Duo.

Close the lid and let the smoke roll for 3 to 4 hours depending how strong a smoke flavour you like.

If the temperature gets over 70 F, add trays of ice cubes to keep the temperature down. I did this smoke in winter in the Canadian Rockies. If you are doing it in summer, you will need a lot of ice!

Smoked Cheese 2015 1

The hardest part of smoking cheese is that it needs to age for at least two weeks. Four weeks is even better. If you eat it before that it will taste like an ash tray as all the smoke is on the surface.

Be adventurous and try smoking cheese!

The Old Fat Guy

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4 Responses

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I do love smoked cheese but I am way too lazy to do it on a commercial level (retired you know)!

      The Old Fat Guy

    1. I do like jalapeno jack as well. The density of the cheese seems to have the biggest difference in the way it smokes. The herb cheese is less dense and takes a more smoky flavour than the harder old cheddar.

      The Old Fat Guy

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