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In a prior post on short ribs, I slow smoked short ribs without foiling them. While they turned out great, I do prefer them foiled so I am posting how to do them that way.
I started by making a marinade of 3/4 cup of soy sauce, 1/4 cup of brown sugar, a teaspoon of garlic powder and a teaspoon of dried ginger. I marinated the short ribs in the fridge for 24 hours turning them occasionally.

I took the ribs out of the marinade and put them in the fridge uncovered for an hour. I reserved the marinade to put in the foil later.

I put the ribs in the Bradley smoker set at 240 F with bourbon oak barrel biscuits and let them cook for 3 hours. You could do this in your oven but the smoke gives a deep complex flavour.

Then I put them in a foil pan and poured the reserved marinade on them. I covered them with foil and let them go for 2 hours at 240 F.
I took the foil off and cooked them for another hour at 240 F and they were done.

The Verdict

I love short ribs. These were tender, moist, flavourful and just wonderful. I love short ribs. This was the first time I had tried smoking them and I was worried they wouldn’t be as good as braised. I love short ribs. These were better! I love short ribs. Braised tend to fall apart but these still had bite while being tender. I love short ribs. I will make these every time I can get short ribs. Did I mention I love short ribs.

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