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Steaks don’t taste right if they are not seared in my opinion. This raises a problem if you want to put your steak in a smoker and get a smoky taste on it. You have to cook at low temperature for a longer period to get the smoke taste on the meat and that doesn’t sear it.

Smokers have gotten around this by using a technique called reverse sear. I have posted a Reverse Sear Steak. You smoke the steak low and slow and then sear it in a hot pan or over a high flame. It works well but it is tricky to not over or under cook the steak on the sear. With reverse sear you have to keep an eye on the steak while searing.

I have something wrong with my brain. It gets strange ideas. If a reverse sear works, why not sear the steak and then smoke it? You would be able to insert a remote thermometer probe in the steak and cook it to exactly the temperature you want. You wouldn’t have to be as careful in the cooking. The thermometer will tell you exactly when your steak is done.

I will answer my own question. A seared piece of meat won’t take smoke as well as a raw one. However, would it still take enough to be tasty? I had to find out.

I seasoned a couple of thicker sirloin medallions with salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder.

I preheated my smoker to 230 F.

My smoker has a plate you can pull back to expose the fire box. I seared the steaks over the firebox for a couple of minutes a side. You could also sear it on a very hot barbecue or in a smoking hot pan.

I closed the plate and put a thermometer probe in a steak. I smoked to an internal temperature of 135 F (medium rare) for me and 145 F (medium) for She Who Must Be Obeyed. If you like rare, smoke to 125 F.

I took the steaks inside and let them rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Here is one of the steaks sliced open.

The Verdict

I loved the fact the steak was cooked exactly the way I wanted to with great colour through most of the steak. There was less smoky flavour than a reverse sear but it still had a nice touch of smoke.

I will have to decide between a perfectly cooked steak with a touch of smoke or a close to perfectly cooked steak with more smoke flavour from now on. Life is tough.

The Old Fat Guy

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