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Quick Grilled Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

Quick Grilled Chicken Thighs 3

This post is more about process than a recipe. A frequent quick meal here at Passing Wind Estates are boneless skinless chicken thighs rubbed with seasonings and then quickly cooked on the barbecue. They are ok but get a tough surface in my opinion. I wondered if brushing them with some olive oil before grilling them would improve the texture.

I started by opening the thighs so they laid flat. Then I brushed both sides with olive oil and sprinkled on Cabela’s Chicken Rub.

Quick Grilled Chicken Thighs 1

I preheated my grill to high and cooked the chicken for 3 to 4 minutes a side until the internal temperature was 165 F.

Quick Grilled Chicken Thighs 2

We served them with coleslaw, green salad and light rye bread.

Quick Grilled Chicken Thighs 4

The Verdict

I knew from smoking that putting oil on the meat prior to applying a rub doesn’t do much to help stick the rub to the meat. It stays on fine by itself. However, when cooking over high heat, the oil improved the texture of the surface of the thighs. This is important because there is so little fat when the thighs are skinless. I also think they cooked to a nicer colour. The amount of oil is so small I am not worried about the extra fat. I will do this from now on when I want a fast food meal that is way better than any burger joint.

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