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Quattro Bianchi at

In doing our research into classic cocktails, my buddy, Bill, found this twist on a Classic Martini. We take turns determining which drink we will try and he chose this. I am glad he did!

This martini uses both vodka and gin instead of one or the other.

Bill found the recipe on the Absolut Vodka site. You can click on this link to get the recipe:

Quattro Bianchi

You make it like most martinis, you put the vodka, gin, vermouth and bitters in a cocktail shaker 1/2 full of ice and stir until the mixer is very cold.

Quattro Bianchi 1

Strain the drink into a martini glass and serve.

Quattro Bianchi 2

The Verdict

I normally prefer gin martinis over vodka martinis so I was skeptical of this hybrid. I have to admit to being totally wrong. This has the nice botanic hints of a gin martini but the refreshing hit of a vodka martini. This will be my go to martini from now on.

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