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Pistatsio, One of My Favourites

I suspect you have several dishes that you make over and over again. This is one of them. It is comfort food similar to a lasagna but with different seasonings and using macaroni. I would have no problem serving this to company.
It is currently -22 C/-16 F here so comfort food is a good thing. She Who Must Be Obeyed decided I was being good and made two of my favourite dishes, Pastitsio and one of my favourite coleslaws. I talk about the coleslaw in the next post.

We got the recipe for Pastitsio from Canadian Living Magazine a couple of years ago. They have posted the recipe on their site at this link:

The Verdict

This recipe is creamy but has a wonderful meat sauce. The spices used are warming with just a touch of sweet. The casserole cooks up to a nice firmness and is easy to serve. As I said, this is a favourite we have made many times. We love it.

The Old Fat Guy

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