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New Year Steak at

For New Year’s Eve, She Who Must Be Obeyed got me one of my favourite cuts of beef, Tri Tip. I took the opportunity to try a feature on my Louisiana Grills Pellet Smoker. It has a panel you can slide back that opens a grate that is directly over the firebox. This should allow me to get a great char on the steaks.

I started by shaking a generous amount of Louisiana Grills Chophouse Steak Rub.

New Year Steak 1

I fired the pellet grill up to 525 F (an impressive feat when it is minus 12 C outside). Note the hot spot from the open grate.

New Year Steak 2

I put the steak on the drill directly over the grate. I gave it a minute and turned to get a cross pattern on the steaks. I gave it another minute.

New Year Steak 3

I learned a lesson. Meat chars really fast over the grate. Another few seconds and it would have been too much. I got just a nice char on these but will be careful to watch them in the future.

I put the turned steaks on the grill away from the open grate and it took 5 minutes for them to get to an internal temperature of 140 F (medium rare). That is as well done as I can eat them and as rare as She Who Must Be Obeyed will put up with.

I took them off and let them sit for 5 minutes.

New Year Steak 4

We served them with scalloped potatoes, broccoli salad and steamed vegetables.

New Year Steak 5

The Verdict

This was a very tasty steak. I have been cooking my steaks a little slower to get a more even rare colour through the steak. Using the open grate allowed me to get the same effect and still get that nice char taste. I will cook steak this way again.

By the way, if you ever run into one of those people who say they can’t brown their steaks and keep the centre as rare as they like, tell them to get a Louisiana Grills Pellet Smoker. I could have charred the outside of these steaks black and still had a red centre.

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