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New Traeger Timberline, Not a good start.

I just purchased a Traeger Timberline 850. I spent a lot of money to buy Traeger’s top line grill because I am serious about my smoking. I fired it up today for my first smoke. I set it for 235 and it just wouldn’t come to temperature. It kept hovering between 195 and 200. So, I called their support line. A nice young lady, Carolina, took my call and reviewed my problem as they were able to check the WiFi record of my smoke. She kept asking me if I was using Traeger pellets (I was).

Finally, she advised that the problem was the induction fan that I will get in about a week. So here is how it works. I purchased a very expensive top of the line grill. It is defective. I get to wait a week, at least, to have the honour of doing my own repair to their defective machine. Sigh, I guess that is the way of things these days.

I asked if I would get an extension of my warranty to cover the period from when I purchased my grill until I could actually use it. I was advised no because there is a 3 year warranty. I pointed out that everyone else actually had a grill to use for their 3 years. I haven’t even been able to use mine yet my warranty continues to tick away. Sadly, this logic was to no avail.

I had hoped that buying the top of the line from Traeger would be a good experience. So far, not so much.

I will post my assembly video and a review of how it works once I actually get to try it.

The Old Fat Guy


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3 Responses

  1. Dave you’re right on how the way things go these days! We had purchased a dyson v11 V stands for very expensive! The one who must be obeyed, had to have one. We were exited when it finally arrived by currier. Took it out of the box charged the battery, and when the light went out I took it for a spin. Well a very short spin the battery went dead very quickly. I was not happy, called the call centre and “o yes no problem you need a new battery “ week and a half later the floor could finally get vacuumed with this very expensive electric broom! Dave I know your frustration well. Happy smoking when you do get up and running.

    1. Well, Traeger appears to be stepping up. They have got back to me and will extend my warranty to start when the problem is corrected and apologized for not offerning that up right away. They were much more apologetic and I am more hopeful.

      Still, I do miss the days of going to a store, buying something and it just worked.

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