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I listed the top 9 most viewed posts from my site in the previous posts. They are all good recipes but I thought I should list my top 9 favourites of my 2017 posts.

I thought this would be an easy task. Wrong! I love food and trying to pick one dish over another is like trying to pick your favourite child. After much agonizing, here they are with some reasons why I picked them.

  1. St Louis Ribs – I know. Everyone makes St Louis Ribs and they are a basic recipe for any smoker or barbecue. However, there is a reason for that. Ribs with a basic rub and a sweet/spicy sauce are everywhere because they taste so good! I would eat these any day!
  2. Coffin Shrimp – I love ABT’s (Jalapenos stuffed and wrapped in bacon).¬† This version with a shrimp laid in it and a touch of seafood sauce is a great version. The sweet succulent shrimp flesh, spicy seafood sauce and crispy bacon just burst with flavour.
  3. Montreal Smoked Meat РThis cured beef  brisket has the saltiness of corned beef, a great herb blend and a kiss of smoke! You have to have a great sandwich ingredient on your list.
  4. Candied Salmon – Salmon has a great rich taste. Smoked salmon gets a brine and some smoke. Add a sweet coating and you have the perfect snack!
  5. Dilled Salmon Steaks – She Who Must Be Obeyed loves salmon and often buys salmon steaks. This boned and trimmed version gives you all the great flavour without having to wrassle with all those bones.
  6. Chicken Schnitzel – I love schnitzel but veal is so expensive and She Who Must Be Obeyed says it isn’t nice to eat it. I grumbled and made do with pork versions until I tried it with chicken. It is even better than the veal version. This recipe had to make it to the list as it let me have a favourite I had been doing with out.
  7. Korean Glazed Ribs – As a rib dish was my first choice you likely know that I love ribs. The classic, Kansas City, St Louis and Memphis ribs are all terrific. However, sometimes you need to change things up. This oriental glaze gives a great taste change while keeping the sticky goodness of wet ribs.
  8. Molasses Apple Crisp – This recipe was a real find for me this year! When I was growing up, there was no oatmeal in apple crisp. It had a crumble type topping. This recipe does and throws the great rich taste of molasses into the mix. The fact it is so easy to make put it on the list!
  9. Short Rib Soup – I was getting worried. There was no soup on my list and I love a bowl of homemade soup. I was saved at the bell by Short Rib Soup. Making soup with a flavourful cut like short ribs lets you make a great broth. All the bones in the ribs also add to the richness of the broth. This is a great soup that will cure any cold day!

So, here are my ten favourites of what was a great food year. I hope your New Year has many treats and fine meals!

The Old Fat Guy

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  1. What a great idea to list out your favorites in addition to the most popular. Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason to traffic and the tastiest food can get overlooked!

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