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I have posted the most viewed posts from my blog in 2020. They are all great recipes, but I have my own favourite posts from the year. Here they are!

My ninth favourite post of 2020 is Smoked Tomato Soup.

My eighth favourite post is Armadillo Eggs in the Shell.

My seventh favourite post is Apple Sausage Pork Tenderloin.

My sixth favourite post is OFG Andouille.

My fifth favourite post is Char Siu Pork Jerky.

My fourth favourite post is Double D “Fried” Chicken.

My third favourite pot is Shrimp Po Boy Sliders.

My second favourite post is Bacon Burnt Ends.

My favourite pot from 2020 is Lox Plus!

Thanks so much for your kind support and best wishes for the New Year!

The Old Fat Guy


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