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She Who Must Be Obeyed loves me. That is a good thing, mostly. The first problem is she wanted grilled burgers. What the heck. It is only minus 10 and she is nice to me. I am willing to don my toque and  brave the elements for the woman I love.

Next, in an attempt to keep me healthy, she buys extra lean ground beef. The problem is, burgers need some fat or they are dry and not very appetizing. This is exacerbated by the need to cook burgers thoroughly to prevent Ecoli poisoning. Sigh, what to do?

I was reading Steve Raichlen’s Barbecue Bible. In it, he suggests putting butter in your burger. Brilliant! I had to try it.

I started by mixing soy sauce into the ground beef. Then I mixed the butter, barbecue rub (I used Louisiana Grills Hickory Bacon) and Sriracha together.

Moist Burgers 1

I separated the ground beef into 3 balls. I split each ball in half and flattened one half. I put 1/3 of the butter on the flattened half. I flattened the other half and pressed it on top of the buttered half to make a patty. I repeated this with the other two balls.

Then I pressed an indentation into the centre of each burger. This stops it from shrinking as much when cooking.

Moist Burgers 2

I preheated my grill to high and put the burgers on. I cooked them for 5 minutes on one side.

Then I turned them and cooked them on the other side to an internal temperature of 165 F. This took a little over 3 minutes.

I took them off the grill and served. Burgers are not like muscle cuts, they do not benefit from a resting time.

Moist Burgers 3

We had them with our favourite toppings and coleslaw.

Moist Burgers 4

The Verdict

This worked really well. The burgers had a nice moist taste and texture. I will do this with my burgers from now on. However, I need your help. I doubt She Who Must Be Obeyed would appreciate me putting the fat back in beef she bought because it was lean. So, please keep it to yourself.

The Old Fat Guy

Moist Burgers

Yield: 3 burgers

Moist Burgers


  • 500 grams (1 pound) lean ground beef
  • 15 ml (1 tablespoon) soy sauce
  • 45 ml (3 tablespoons) butter
  • 5 ml (1 teaspoon) barbecue rub or seasonings of your choice
  • 2 ml (1/4 teaspoon) Sriracha sauce (could substitute 1 ml of Tabasco)


  1. Mix soy sauce into beef.
  2. Mix butter, barbecue rub and Sriracha together.
  3. Split beef into 3 balls.
  4. Split each ball in half and flatten each half.
  5. Put 1/3 of the butter mixture on one half.
  6. Put another flattened half on top and press into a patty.
  7. Repeat with the rest of the half beef patties.
  8. Put an indentation on the centre of each patty.
  9. Cook over high heat on your grill for 5 minutes on one side.
  10. Flip and cook to an internal temperature of 165 F.
  11. Serve on a bun with your favourite toppings.
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5 Responses

  1. I don’t know whether to be disgusted or to try this too. They have butter burgers in Wisconsin but I think the butter is just on the bun. Now I’m wondering. We like stuffed burgers. Boy, do I have an idea. Hope I remember it when the grill comes back out. I’m onto this butter thing.

  2. If that Sandy is who I think it is, it sounds like I am in for a treat come spring! You are welcome to keep giving her good ideas! I hope you have a merry Christmas!

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